Clydeside Scottish Omnibuses Limited.

HSD 73V, GCS 50V & My Eastern Scottish Volvo Citybus E187 HSF Seen At S.V.B.M Lathalmond 15th August 2009.

And the missing one B509 YAT. Orkney Coaches Bedford YNT Plaxton Paramount 3200 MKII. Photo taken at S.V.B.M Lathalmond April 29th 2011, this was the day 451 returned home after a 3 month restoration at G.V.V.T.

Finally 3 years after the top photograph was taken, I managed to get a photograph of all my preserved vehicles together. Eastern Scottish Volvo Citybus E187 HSF, Clydeside Scottish Leyland Fleetline HSD 73V, Clydeside Scottish Leyland Leopard GCS 50V and Orkney Coaches Bedford YNT B509 YAT together at the S.V.B.M Lathalmond May 2013 running day.

Arriva 1411 P801 RWU and my own G750 GCS 50V pictured at the Glynhill hotel 06th March 2011. The Dennis Dart was repainted by Arriva to celebrate the launch of former managing director, George Watson's 2011 book all about the history of Clydeside Scottish. The book "Clydeside Scottish, We tried to run a bus company but..." is available to order direct from George or through this website. Photograph copyright Donald MacRae.

HSD 73V And GCS 50V My Clydeside Scottish Fleet! Picture Taken May 18th 2008, Before Departure For The S.V.B.M Running Day.

HSD 73V Finished At Last! This Picture Was Taken At Lathalmond On Sunday 18th May 2008.

This picture of GCS 50V finished was taken on Sunday 23 March 2008.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments in my Guestbook!  It is always great to hear what people think of my project with these vehicles and I always enjoy reading the comments left.  I am sorry that due to the web hosting service I use, I am unable to reply directly to any of the comments left. If you would like to get in touch please email me at [email protected]  or Tel. 07896 650879

I now also own two other vehicles, a former Orkney Coaches Bedford YNT, Plaxton Paramount 3200 MKII coach B509 YAT and a former Eastern Scottish vehicle, Volvo Citybus E187 HSF.

Take care and Best wishes


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My first book "Scottish Buses during deregulation" went on sale at the 2017 SVBM May running day event and would go on to sell out before the end of the day!

All my books are available for all good retailers and direct from myself at a competitive price!

Please contact me on [email protected]


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